Saturday, March 6, 2010

Viz Major- "Lauren London"

The second track to "preview"/premiere from the mixtape"Hip Hop Is Major". Preview in quotations because the song is not mastered yet. Fun and silly punchlines throughout and sick wordplay at the same time.This track is guaranteed to get everybody bouncin'! Check it out. Download link included. Ladies love Viz Major and Viz loves the ladies, haha.

"I swear up and down shawty finer than a muhhh, up in the club and she finer than 'em all....what we call them, huh, what we call them, huh, what we call them, HUHH, what we call them girls...."

LMAO. I am a fool.

Much Luv, Viz

DOWNLOAD: Viz Major- "Lauren London"

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