Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Street Poets Ent.- "Part Of My Life" Releasing On iTunes Soon

The first single from Street Poets Ent.'s sophomore album, "This Is Music", picks up where "Butterfly" left off (a single from their debut album "The Movement"), featuring poetic lyrics of love and relationships and a catchy hook sung by Viz Major and Lazarus over an infectious beat produced by K-Skeem (of Fatalistik Ent.) Soon to be released officially on iTunes and other music sites, look for this summertime banger as well as the street single "Can't Mess With The Streets" within the upcoming months. For an exclusive listen to the new single, click on the link below and support Street Poets Ent. by rating the song 5 stars on the website. Thanks for the support!

"Hip Hop Is Major" and "Rated VIZ" Dropping Soon!!!

The long awaited mixtapes from Viz Major are finally almost here!!! Due to be released in early July, these mixtapes mark the beginning of the takeover from the Street Poets Ent. Family. With the recently released "Super Sick" mixtape from Lazarus already burning up the streets, Viz Major has been in the studio grinding and putting out track after track of lyrical fire. After the release of "Hip Hop Is Major" and "Rated VIZ", the two emcees plan on following up with the release of their two singles, "Part Of My Life" and "Can't Mess With The Streets", from their sophomore album titled "This Is Music". A solo album from both lyricists are also in the works.

Listen To Exclusive Tracks From "Hip Hop Is Major" & "Rated VIZ": Street Poets Ent.