Sunday, March 7, 2010

Viz Major- "2 Hard"

You heard it here first....Just in from Viz himself is the latest leak from the upcoming "Rated VIZ" mixtape. This one is labeled "2 Hard" and borrows the instrumental from the Jeezy assisted Rihanna track "Hard" from her latest album. More of those sick punchlines every hip hop fan craves, this one is ill from beginning to end. Take a listen, you won't be disappointed. "Rated VIZ" releases at the end of March.

DOWNLOAD: Viz Major- "2 Hard"

Reminder to check out the 2 singles from the mixtape "Hip Hop Is Major" ( NEW ARTWORK )

Viz Major- "Lauren London"

The 2nd single from the mixtape "Hip Hop Is Major"

DOWNLOAD: Viz Major- "Lauren London"

Viz Major- "100 Proof"

The 1st single from the mixtape "Hip Hop Is Major"

DOWNLOAD: Viz Major- "100 Proof"

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Guns and Roses

Here's an original song from the 2008 album release "The Movement" from Street Poets Ent. Real hip hop in it's essence. Meaningful lyrics, smooth beat, and a track to just vibe with. Download for FREE below:

Viz Major- "Lauren London"

The second track to "preview"/premiere from the mixtape"Hip Hop Is Major". Preview in quotations because the song is not mastered yet. Fun and silly punchlines throughout and sick wordplay at the same time.This track is guaranteed to get everybody bouncin'! Check it out. Download link included. Ladies love Viz Major and Viz loves the ladies, haha.

"I swear up and down shawty finer than a muhhh, up in the club and she finer than 'em all....what we call them, huh, what we call them, huh, what we call them, HUHH, what we call them girls...."

LMAO. I am a fool.

Much Luv, Viz

DOWNLOAD: Viz Major- "Lauren London"

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Contest/Giveaway Video featuring Pinkmacprincess

Big ups to Amanda AKA Pinkmacprincess for showing some love in adding Viz Major's "Own This Town" to her video blog!!! Also check out the contest/giveaway she's promoting below.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Track listing for the upcoming mixtape, "Super Sick"

Starring Lazarus of Street Poets Ent., "Super Sick" is expected to drop mid-March. While it's yet to be released, here is the official track listing:

1. Bizarre (produced by Solar)

2. Super Sick ft. J-Skillz & AG from the Ville (produced by AG from the Ville)

3. I Know ft. Raven J. (produced by Solar)

4. Workin’ Overnight (produced by K-Skeem)

5. Who I Am (produced by Solar)

6. Front 2 Back (produced by Solar)

7. Laz Roulette

8. Drop Poetic Illness ft. Viz Major

9. Back On My Bullsh*t

10. Shorty By Demand


11. You (by Street Poets Ent., produced by BST Productions)

12. I’m Fresh (by Street Poets Ent., produced by Doc Watson)