Sunday, February 28, 2010

Viz Major- "Rated VIZ Mixtape"

Just in from Viz Major is the front cover of the mixtape "Rated VIZ", which was just announced from V.I. himself that the project will be dropping sometime in March/April. This is what he had to say on the concept of the cover:
"I came up with the idea to drop at least two mixtapes before I drop my actual album. The main one I've been workin' on is "Hip Hop Is Major", but I figured since I already had like three extra tracks recorded that had Rihanna singin on it, I might as well write to more and make another mixtape. This way it can be like this second mixtape has more of a concept to it, while the first one is straight hip hop. So I start thinkin' more into it, like if I include artwork for it too that plays off of the whole concept she had for her cover, except twist it in my own way.

No, I'm not throwin' up any kind of gang signs or anything like that, and for you hip hop conspiracy theorists, I'm not forming the Eye Of Horus with my eye between my fingers. What I'm doing is making a "V" with my two fingers. V for Viz. Just keeping with the whole theme of things."
Viz also stated that he plans to continue the concept mixtapes like a series with the next one possibly being Dr. Dre or Bob Marley. Things are starting to look real good for hip hop music in the coming months. Below are links to the websites where you can check out more on Viz Major and Street Poets Ent.

Street Poets Ent. Official Myspace
Street Poets/Made-Line Ent.
Street Poets Twitter
Viz Major Myspace
Viz Major Facebook
Viz Major Twitter

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